RV Window Covers

When accessorizing your RV for camping or a road trip, RV window covers are a must have. There are countless advantages to using RV window covers on your trips. People often don’t even realize how vital they can be in certain situations, but hopefully this will help you open your eyes a little bit.


No matter where you are, you should have privacy inside the comfort of your own RV. You don’t want to have to worry about other campers peeping in on you while you dress if you have RV window covers. You’ll have all the privacy in the world until you decide to let in some fresh sunlight, in which case you can always remove the window covers and reattach them when you want some more privacy.

RV Window Covers

RV Window Covers

Beat the Heat

People often underestimate the use of RV window covers when it comes to keeping cool. RV window covers can come in a reflective format that actually reflects sunlight and helps keep the inside of your RV nice and cool. Reflective RV covers can lower the temperature inside an RV significantly, by at least five to ten degrees. Keeping cool with reflective RV window covers is a cheap way of keeping your whole trip enjoyable.


Most people only use their RV during the summer time or at select parts of the year, and the rest of the time it remains in storage or in the driveway. In order to keep it in top shape, RV window covers can be used to protect the windows and prevent moisture from slipping into the RV. RV window covers act as another layer of protection against the moisture in the air that likes to seep in the cracks of window sills and get into the RV itself. This can cause mold and mildew that can ruin an RV and make it unhealthy to go inside. Want to avoid this problem? Get RV window covers that protect against this type of damage.

Keep Heat In

While RV window covers are great for reflecting heat and keeping it out of the RV, they are also good at trapping heat that comes from the inside. On colder trips, it can reach freezing temperatures inside of an RV. RV window covers help keep heat from slipping out of the RV. This saves you money on electricity since you won’t have to spend as much to keep the RV warm, and it will keep everyone inside of the RV comfortable. This is very simple solution comes from just buying some RV window covers.

Insect Prevention

Bugs and insects are naturally attracted to light, which is produced by your RV. Without RV window covers, light is able to escape into the outside. It is the only light around, and so insects will be attracted to it. This causes them to hang around your campsite just because you didn’t purchase RV window covers. With RV window covers, you will keep the light trapped inside of the RV, and not attract bugs around your site. RV window covers offer this simple solution by covering up the windows that allow the light to reflect outside of your RV.


RV window covers are a simple solution to many camping problems. They can change a whole trip around with just one simple purchase. Get yours today!

RV Slide Out Covers are Great Investment

RV Slide Out Covers Are a Great Investment
A recreational vehicle is a significant investment, and smart RV owners want to protect their purchase. In some ways, the care and maintenance of an RV is similar to caring for both a house and a vehicle.

For years of trouble-free RV ownership, owners must maintain both the drive train and the “home” part of the RV, including both the interior and exterior. And RV slide out covers may be the most important option you can add to protect your RV from a serious enemy – water damage.

Slide outs were hailed as a remarkable innovation when they were introduced to RVs in the 1990s. They changed the nature of RV ownership by expanding the interior room to attract buyers who had thought RVs were too small.

RV Slide Out Covers are Great Investment

RV Slide Out Covers are Great Investment

But to keep slide outs working properly, they require some care. One way of protecting your slide out with little expense or effort is to install RV slide out covers over each slide out.

You may ask, “Why do I need RV slide out covers?” Slide outs have one seal on the inside and one outside. These rubber seals are susceptible to tears. And preventing rips and tears is where RV slide out covers excel.

Even many experienced RV’ers think RV slide out covers are meant to shed water, but that’s not completely true. While RV slide out covers may help keep out some rain, they have a more important purpose: shedding debris.

Anytime you use a slide out anyplace near tree branches or other light material, debris can collect on your slide out’s roof — the area that RV slide out covers protect.

Even if you sweep the slide out roof, you can’t always be sure if twigs or other debris haven’t found their way into some crevices that you can’t access. If debris gets shoved into a slide out seal, you potentially cause more damage than the cost of an original investment in RV slide-out covers. Bigger debris can destroy a seal completely, but RV slide out covers can shed such debris.

A small, inconspicuous leak from a tiny tear can be a bigger problem than a gusher. Small leaks can go unnoticed and seep into the RV’s interior, creating damage to insulation, walls and floors before you’re aware of it. That’s a expensive problem RV slide out covers can prevent. Unfortunately, most insurers don’t cover that sort of damage.

What are some of the advantages of today’s RV slide out covers?

– They’re virtually maintenance-free.
– Most RV slide out covers work automatically, by retracting in and reeling out with the slide out.
– Many owners say the biggest advantage of their RV slide out covers is they reflect the sun’s glare and keep the slide out cooler.
– Today’s RV slide out covers are offered in a wide range of colors and fabrics, so they’re compatible with all exterior RV colors.
– Most RV slide out covers are offered in mildew-resistant fabrics.

If you’re shopping for RV slide out covers, for the best prices, check for Internet sales. And ask your local RV dealer which RV slide out covers might be best for your RV.

BRK First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Review

BRK First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Review

BRK First Alert Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm Review

The BRK First Alert is a very dependable product that I would recommend to anyone in need of a smoke and carbon monoxide alarm for their RV.
Features include:

  • Battery operated (2 AA batteries included)
  • Electrochemical CO sensor
  • 85dB alarm
  • Two silence options
  • Optipath 360 Technology (360° smoke sensing chamber)

This alarm is great because it brings you the peace of mind you need in order to relax in your RV. Equipped with the most accurate sensor available, the BRK First Alert not only functions as a smoke detector but as a carbon monoxide alarm as well. You can easily determine which alarm is sounding by the horn tones emitted, which is a plus. It’s also a good choice for the hearing impaired because it has varying frequency and volume options. The silence features are also nice to have when you’re aware of the situation and need to stop the noise. You can either silence it for up to eight hours at a time or quiet a test alarm.

The First Alert is:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to use

This product has been a lifesaver for my family and I in our RV. It’s a constant guard for smoke and carbon monoxide and with it, we never have to worry about those dangers. We can sleep soundly knowing that the First Alert alarm is going to take care of us and alert us if ever there were a situation. Best of all, it’s affordable — you can’t afford to not have this in your motor home. If your safety is a priority, I’d buy this alarm.

The Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug Review

The Camco 18" Wrap Around RV Step Rug Review

The Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug Review

For serious RV enthusiasts, the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug is a must. With three stylish color choices – blue, green, and brown – the Camco 18″ Wrap Around Step Rug offers both function and fashion to improve your RV.
Easy to Install
The universal fit of the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug fits virtually any RV step. Installation is easy – simply slide the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug over your existing RV step and adjust for a perfect fit with the three grommets. No need for tools, messy glue, or screws.

Weather Resistant

Made for tough weather when you’re out on the road, the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug is weather and mildew resistant. It’s easily cleaned and dries quickly.

Improves Safety

For RV enthusiasts who worry about slipping and falling on slick RV steps, the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug offers peace of mind when entering and exiting your RV. With a rugged surface and gripping texture, the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug allows you to step up and down with confidence.

The Camco 18" Wrap Around RV Step Rug Review

The Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug Review

Cleaner Interior

If your RV is your home away from home, the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug helps to decrease the amount of dirt, grass, and mud tracked in to the interior of your RV. Like a welcome mat in front of your home’s front door, the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug gives you and your guests a convenient place to wipe your feet before entering your RV.

RV enthusiasts know that improving their RV makes life on the road easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Adding the Camco 18″ Wrap Around RV Step Rug to your RV steps is a win-win!

Portable RV Awnings and Screenrooms Review

Portable RV Awnings and Screenrooms

Portable RV Awnings and Screenrooms

When traveling, there’s no telling when you’re going to find your RV set in an environment when you’re sitting in direct sunlight. Or you’re looking forward to just enjoying a beer and fresh air when it starts raining. That’s why it’s practical and smart to invest in awnings and screen-rooms. Portable RV awnings and screen-rooms are exceptional weather control instruments.

The portable RV awning is an insulated roof that’s tough and promises years of great service, providing protection from sun and other unwanted weather contact like rain. When not in use, the awning can be folded and stored away. In other cases, they swing down and cover one side of the RV. Either way, they are ready for travel and use at your leisure.

Portable RV Awnings and Screenrooms

Portable RV Awnings and Screenrooms

Screenrooms are rigid, fiberglass sides mounted in frames. Once attached to a RV awning, the screen room is up and ready. Whenever you go, you can enjoy the outdoors without being subjected to the hot sun, rain or other unpleasant elements. They are excellent for keeping out insects and those incredibly large things with a thousand wings that seem to want to land on your food specifically. These products can be put up and taken down in a matter of minutes, making them ideal for daily use and travel.
If the RV lifestyle is something you appreciate, then you’ll definitely learn to appreciate these practical products. All screenrooms and awnings have been engineered with the most durable fabrics and materials, promising a long lasting performance. They come with all the necessary hardware for quick mounting.

When selecting one of these products, make sure you get the right size for your vehicle. If you’re not sure, contact one of our techs and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through our line of products and answer any concerns you may have.

Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating Review

Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Recreational vehicle enthusiasts everywhere are talking about a great product on the market. As RV owners, we lost our first RV to a leaky roof. This loss prompted our search for a durable and reliable seal coating product. Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating was a purchase we made to protect our investment.

Our first RV had a roof leak leaving a discoloration on our interior ceiling that continued to grow. Eventually the roof was weakened and began to bow inward from water damage. We found water collected on the roof rather than beading off. Unfortunately, we lost our RV due to too much water damage. We had to learn about roof maintenance the hard way, through trial and error. RV owners need to recognize the importance of roof maintenance.

Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating aids in protecting the life of your roof by its defining qualities.

Protecting the roof from mold and mildew
Mold and mildew grow on most RV roof tops, leaving an unsightly appearance and an environment fungi grow and multiply in.

Sealing and protecting from leaks
Leaks of any size have a negative impact on the structure of your roof. When water leaks into your RV it weakens the protective structure eventually weakening supporting beams.

Cleaning is made easy with soap and water
There is no need to spend extra money on roof cleaning products making this product economical. One gallon of Kool Seal Roof Coating covers 100 Sq.feet.

Made in the USA, this product carries a 10 year warranty.

Conserves Energy
This product kept our RV cooler in direct sunlight, enabling us to use our AC less.

The greatest preventative action RV owners can take to protect against water damage is roof protection. This product offers high quality at an economical cost.

Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel Review

Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel

Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel

The Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel added the perfect finishing touch to our triple-wide mobile home. The pattern of the skirting fits in well with the natural element of our country setting. Before the skirting was installed, while still beautiful inside, our home had an unfinished look to the outside. We loved the product so much that we purchased additional panels to surround a mock well in our yard that we use as a planter.

We live in a cold climate in winter months, and the cold air would rush under the mobile home, causing the floors to be cold and hard to heat. After installation, it not only improved our heating efficiency, but the cost of electricity dropped significantly, along with improving the over-all look of our home, while keeping roaming animals from destroying the underside of the home.

The skirting is constructed of a single molding of ABS material that doesn’t scratch, dent, or rattle. The panels are 32-inches in height X 60-inches in length, and well within our limited budget. It is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. It doesn’t fade and washes off easily with a water hose. The skirting stands up well in harsh climates.

The Sandstone Reil Rock skirting access door and vent inserts were purchased along with the skirting. The vents provide adequate air circulation underneath the home while blocking out the wind. The access door provides easy access underneath the house for repairs. It also provides access to store bulky garden tools out of sight. We are well-pleased with the look, installation, and cost of this product.

How to Replace Your RV Windows

Owning an RV is not the cheapest of hobbies to have, but there are things that you can do to cut down on the costs of maintenance. For example, if your RV windows need to be replaced, this is something that you can do on your own. There is no need to take your RV to the shop if you are in the market for new RV windows. As long as you are diligent and careful with the installation, it’s fairly easy to do all by yourself.

Here’s how you can replace your RV windows with the help of a friend and save some money to put towards your next trip.

Buying the right RV windows

Before you start, the most important thing you need to do is to make sure that you are buying the right RV windows. Make sure that you have all of the exact specifications that you need before going to the store. Look on the inside of your window frames, because that is where you will find the specifications on window sizing. If you can’t find it, measure the window opening manually.

If you are looking to upgrade your RV windows, check out insulated or tinted ones, which could help to control the temperature inside the vehicle and protect the windows from UV damage. But before you start looking at new RV windows, make sure that you have the right specifications so that your new window will fit into the opening smoothly and easily.

To make sure that the specifications are right, check the part number of your old window. This should be listed on the inside of the frame. This part number should be visible once you have removed the window, and it will give you the exact specifications: depth, height and overall construction details.

Removing your old RV windows

Removing your original RV windows is fairly easy to do. All you really need to do is remove all of the screws that are located around the perimeter of the frame. These screws are located on the inside of the vehicle. There are about 15 to 20 screws that you need to remove in the case of most RV windows.

Have someone help you by standing outside so that they can take hold of the RV windows once you push them out. If you are having trouble pushing the RV windows out once the screws have been removed, take a small putty knife and slide it under the window flange from the exterior in order to pry them out gently.

Once you have removed all of the RV windows, scrape off any tape or sealant that might be stuck on the wall of the window openings in order to prepare the openings for your new windows.

Preparing your new RV windows for installation

To prepare your new RV windows for installation, place them face down on a soft surface and apply the bulb seal tape around the window flange. The best way to do this is by starting from the bottom center of the window and then putting the tape on around the perimeter until you reach the point at which you started.

Installing your RV Windows

Once the bulb seal tape has been applied, place the window into the opening from the outside of your RV. There should be someone helping you from the outside by aligning the trim ring and then fastening the window with the screws that came with your new window.

Once all of the screws have been installed, the window should be secured in place nicely.

To make sure that the RV windows are sealed perfectly, run a bead of caulk around the perimeter of the window from the exterior. This should make sure that you are fully protected from the elements and that your RV windows are securely in place.

RV Awnings

RV awnings are some of the best accessories RV enthusiasts can purchase for enhancing their time spent camping and traveling. In contrast to the makeshift RV awnings used by many RV owners decades ago, the awnings of today are available in a variety of styles and built to last. RV awnings let travelers enjoy time outside no matter the weather, enhancing each trip and fostering memories that will be cherished by all. Here’s a look at the different RV awnings available and the many benefits they offer RV enthusiasts.

Main Advantages

RV awnings let travelers get outside, stretch and enjoy the fresh air no matter where they set up camp. With all RV awnings, set-up is simple and storage is a breeze. Customers can choose from RV awnings with simple winch controls for manual operation or automatic models that operate through battery power. Celebrating under an awning isn’t limited to daylight, either. Many RV awnings include lighting that enables nighttime enjoyment next to a campfire or barbecue. If rain appears, the fun can continue under the safety of RV awnings.

Practical Benefits

RV travel is a recreational pastime for many people, but RVs are also an important form of transportation and shelter for those who live the RV lifestyle. In either case, RV awnings extend RV benefits for occupants. Having RV awnings means that campsite celebrations are no longer interrupted by bad weather, letting travelers relish more time outside during their trips. People who live in RVs can turn their basic RV into a more comfortable living space by adding outdoor areas sheltered by RV awnings. Finally, RV awnings can save RV owners money on long-term energy costs thanks to the shading and insulation they offer.

Aesthetic Upsides

Even the most attractive RVs can benefit from adding RV awnings that complement their features. For example, a classic RV can be brought tastefully up to date with an RV awning that is both modern and elegant. At the same time, the right RV awnings can lend rustic looks to contemporary RV models. The broad selection of RV awnings on the market makes it easy to customize the perfect travel space with only a modest investment.

Options Available

Some RV owners prefer fixed RV awnings, but fixed models are far from ideal for those who travel regularly. Slide-out RV awnings are the best choice for RV enthusiasts who want an affordable sunshade that is easily pulled out and stowed away when camping or driving. Some of these RV awnings are manually retractable while others operate at the push of a button. Although manual slide-out RV awnings may take a few moments to pull out, they can be more dependable and cost less to maintain over time.

RV owners who want to maximize their enjoyment of travel and camping should seek out RV awnings that meet their needs. Besides giving greater satisfaction with the RV experience, awnings reduce energy costs, boost aesthetic appeal and protect RVs from the elements. Numerous styles of RV awnings are available for virtually any size or type of RV on the road. Whether RV enthusiasts want to add a decorative or utilitarian awning to their portable home, they can find the perfect awning at a reputable online RV parts dealer.

Maintaining Your Recreational Vehicle With the Right Parts

When your recreational vehicle is your home away from you need to be ready for parts to break. That means you will need to maintain it against regular wear and tear using the right rv parts. Just like your main home, finding the right rv parts is important.

Regular Maintenance with RV Parts
Because recreational vehicles are light weight and mobile, rv parts may need to be maintained and replaced more frequently than your main home. To keep weight down, rv parts are often made of plastic or aluminum. With regular wear and tear, these parts will fail. When they do, you want to make sure you have the right replacement rv parts available and ready to use.

Before your next trip, make sure you review all of the moving rv parts on your vehicle. The road is no place to have to source and replace unique rv parts. An rv parts checklist may come in hand for certain specialty rv parts such as wiring harnesses if you are towing your rv. These can be hard to find on the road but can easily be replaced if you have the right rv parts in your tool kit.

Upgrading Your Recreational Vehicle with RV Parts
You can add comfort and value to your recreational vehicle by selecting the right rv parts. Whether you are adding a new awning or replacing a pop-up window, standardized rv parts make it easy to improve your rv. Don’t suffer through a broken window. It’s easy to replace windows with replacement rv parts from your local rv dealer on online retailer. During the winter months, or when you’re not traveling, it may be a good time to upgrade your rv with things like new lighting rv parts. LED rv parts are easy to install and provide brighter light and lower energy consumption.

Keep Ready for the Unexpected While on the Road
Traveling in an RV can be a lot of fun. That fun can quickly stop when a breakdown occurs on the road with little or no assistance in sight. Even if you are close to town it may be difficult to find the right rv parts to get you back on the road. You can prepare ahead of time by keeping your own supply of rv parts in your tool kit. Talk with your local dealer about your particular RV and find out what types of rv parts they recommend that you take with you. Their knowledge and experience will save you time and money on the road. Having the right rv parts is like having insurance; you never want to use either one, but when you need it, you’re glad you have both.

Another good source to help you stock up on the right rv parts is the next camp ground you stay in. Check with the owners or managers about parts other visitors needed but didn’t have on hand. Some rv parts may be unique to your vehicle and will be very difficult to find. Fellow rv’ers and online forums are also a good way to learn which parts are essential for making sure you are not sitting beside the road in the middle of nowhere waiting for a tow. Make your list of parts today and when you’re on your next trip, you’ll be glad you did.