RV Appliances

Top Qualities to Look for in RV Appliances

Living on the open road has its benefits, but you can’t take everything with you. You have to pick and choose which RV appliances will be the best to include in your rig and that prospect can sometimes be daunting. Picking a few RV appliances out of the many choices out there can be the same dilemma as trying to decide which shoes or pants no longer fit in your wardrobe and must be done without. Similarly, when you go to pick out any RV appliances, you’ll be extremely aware of size limitations. You’ll want to consider how well the RV appliances function for you and how much energy they consume. You will also want to consider your preferences for creature comforts. In the end, cost may also be a deciding factor on what RV appliances get purchased and those which get put on a wish list for a later date.

Making a Decision on RV Appliances

Like a good pair of jeans, you will want to pick out RV appliances that make your life comfortable, are affordable, and suit your lifestyle. Of primary importance is that they cover your butt, though! RV appliances that are essential might be heaters, air conditioners, and toilet systems. However, that does not mean that the blacktop stove or portable vacuum cleaner is off the list. Even a microwave can be an affordable addition to your RV appliances, even though it’s not exactly a necessity. When picking out RV appliances, make out your list, separate it into “wants” and “must-haves,” and then see if you can afford to splurge for a few extra RV appliances to make your life more luxurious on the road. Then, check these five qualities to see if they meet or exceed your expectations.

  1. Size of RV Appliances – Space is a premium luxury on the road, and any additional clutter will actually reduce your quality of life, not enhance it. Choose small RV appliances that can be hidden away,stored in berths, or mounted on the walls. Choose designs that are simple, elegant, and cleverly space-conscious to keep that roomy feeling in your RV.
  2. Functional Benefit of RV Appliances – Some appliances benefit you more than others. Microwaves are tiny and can help to reduce food costs while on the road. Heaters and air conditioners make life more bearable.
  3. Energy Consumption – This is a biggie. Your RV has limited power, unless you’re hooked up. To run them may wear down your batteries. Keep an eye out for energy consumption hogs, and avoid them, when you are trying to decide on RV appliances to purchase.
  4. Personal Preference – Buying RV appliances isn’t just about practical needs, it’s also about your chosen lifestyle. Ice-makers may not be practical, but nothing quite replaces them when you want a cold drink as you watch the sun set over the horizon.
  5. Afffordability – Lastly, the cost of different RV appliances will always play a role in whether you want them now or later. Small purchases can be had immediately, while it may take time to save up for the bigger ones. Sometimes adding just one small RV appliance can increase your enjoyment on the road significantly and it doesn’t have to cost much.