Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel Review

Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel

Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel

The Sandstone Reil Rock Skirting Panel added the perfect finishing touch to our triple-wide mobile home. The pattern of the skirting fits in well with the natural element of our country setting. Before the skirting was installed, while still beautiful inside, our home had an unfinished look to the outside. We loved the product so much that we purchased additional panels to surround a mock well in our yard that we use as a planter.

We live in a cold climate in winter months, and the cold air would rush under the mobile home, causing the floors to be cold and hard to heat. After installation, it not only improved our heating efficiency, but the cost of electricity dropped significantly, along with improving the over-all look of our home, while keeping roaming animals from destroying the underside of the home.

The skirting is constructed of a single molding of ABS material that doesn’t scratch, dent, or rattle. The panels are 32-inches in height X 60-inches in length, and well within our limited budget. It is manufactured in the USA and comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty. It doesn’t fade and washes off easily with a water hose. The skirting stands up well in harsh climates.

The Sandstone Reil Rock skirting access door and vent inserts were purchased along with the skirting. The vents provide adequate air circulation underneath the home while blocking out the wind. The access door provides easy access underneath the house for repairs. It also provides access to store bulky garden tools out of sight. We are well-pleased with the look, installation, and cost of this product.