Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating Review

Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating

Recreational vehicle enthusiasts everywhere are talking about a great product on the market. As RV owners, we lost our first RV to a leaky roof. This loss prompted our search for a durable and reliable seal coating product. Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating was a purchase we made to protect our investment.

Our first RV had a roof leak leaving a discoloration on our interior ceiling that continued to grow. Eventually the roof was weakened and began to bow inward from water damage. We found water collected on the roof rather than beading off. Unfortunately, we lost our RV due to too much water damage. We had to learn about roof maintenance the hard way, through trial and error. RV owners need to recognize the importance of roof maintenance.

Kool Seal White Elastomeric Roof Coating aids in protecting the life of your roof by its defining qualities.

Protecting the roof from mold and mildew
Mold and mildew grow on most RV roof tops, leaving an unsightly appearance and an environment fungi grow and multiply in.

Sealing and protecting from leaks
Leaks of any size have a negative impact on the structure of your roof. When water leaks into your RV it weakens the protective structure eventually weakening supporting beams.

Cleaning is made easy with soap and water
There is no need to spend extra money on roof cleaning products making this product economical. One gallon of Kool Seal Roof Coating covers 100 Sq.feet.

Made in the USA, this product carries a 10 year warranty.

Conserves Energy
This product kept our RV cooler in direct sunlight, enabling us to use our AC less.

The greatest preventative action RV owners can take to protect against water damage is roof protection. This product offers high quality at an economical cost.