RV Slide Out Covers are Great Investment

RV Slide Out Covers Are a Great Investment
A recreational vehicle is a significant investment, and smart RV owners want to protect their purchase. In some ways, the care and maintenance of an RV is similar to caring for both a house and a vehicle.

For years of trouble-free RV ownership, owners must maintain both the drive train and the “home” part of the RV, including both the interior and exterior. And RV slide out covers may be the most important option you can add to protect your RV from a serious enemy – water damage.

Slide outs were hailed as a remarkable innovation when they were introduced to RVs in the 1990s. They changed the nature of RV ownership by expanding the interior room to attract buyers who had thought RVs were too small.

RV Slide Out Covers are Great Investment

RV Slide Out Covers are Great Investment

But to keep slide outs working properly, they require some care. One way of protecting your slide out with little expense or effort is to install RV slide out covers over each slide out.

You may ask, “Why do I need RV slide out covers?” Slide outs have one seal on the inside and one outside. These rubber seals are susceptible to tears. And preventing rips and tears is where RV slide out covers excel.

Even many experienced RV’ers think RV slide out covers are meant to shed water, but that’s not completely true. While RV slide out covers may help keep out some rain, they have a more important purpose: shedding debris.

Anytime you use a slide out anyplace near tree branches or other light material, debris can collect on your slide out’s roof — the area that RV slide out covers protect.

Even if you sweep the slide out roof, you can’t always be sure if twigs or other debris haven’t found their way into some crevices that you can’t access. If debris gets shoved into a slide out seal, you potentially cause more damage than the cost of an original investment in RV slide-out covers. Bigger debris can destroy a seal completely, but RV slide out covers can shed such debris.

A small, inconspicuous leak from a tiny tear can be a bigger problem than a gusher. Small leaks can go unnoticed and seep into the RV’s interior, creating damage to insulation, walls and floors before you’re aware of it. That’s a expensive problem RV slide out covers can prevent. Unfortunately, most insurers don’t cover that sort of damage.

What are some of the advantages of today’s RV slide out covers?

– They’re virtually maintenance-free.
– Most RV slide out covers work automatically, by retracting in and reeling out with the slide out.
– Many owners say the biggest advantage of their RV slide out covers is they reflect the sun’s glare and keep the slide out cooler.
– Today’s RV slide out covers are offered in a wide range of colors and fabrics, so they’re compatible with all exterior RV colors.
– Most RV slide out covers are offered in mildew-resistant fabrics.

If you’re shopping for RV slide out covers, for the best prices, check for Internet sales. And ask your local RV dealer which RV slide out covers might be best for your RV.